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Timber Turner by Vita Brown

A genuine work by Tasmanian artist Vita Brown. This portrait of Timber Turner beautifully captures his character. $2,500 at the Peter Lane Gallery.
Tasmanian Artist

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Title: “Timber Turner”

Description: A portrait of an artisan.

The likeness beautifully captures his character. In his suit and tie with his hands gently folded over each other and posing, as requested, looking ahead. His personality completely captured. The green palette is daring and difficult to master. It is very adventurist.

Artist: Vita Brown. 1916 – 2012.

Material: Oil on board, framed.

Size: 134cm x 73cm

Additional notes:

  • Circa 1975.
  • This portrait is an earlier work before her lifelong investigation of abstraction.

About the artist:

Vita Brown raised her family to adulthood then attended and graduated from the School of Art in Hobart. She studied in Sydney and London. She travelled and viewed galleries throughout Europe and then, when back in Triabunna, she taught at the Adult Education School.

She bequeathed funds for two perpetual artist grants “provided always that the artist chosen shall be justified by their work".

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