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We're Tasmanian, but that's not why you should buy from us. Buy from us because we offer the best services and fairer prices than anyone else!
Better Local Service

Order your tyres and wheels from Dowling McCarthy Tyres.

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Well, we’re Tasmanian, but we think that's rubbish to ask customers to buy from us just because we're local. 

If Dowling McCarthy Tyres can’t get your business because we’re working harder to give you fairer prices and better service… from friendlier, engaged, super-competent staff, we haven’t earned your business.

We’re still in Patrick Street Hobart, as well as Brighton, but we've painted out the old sign and put the Dowling McCarthy name back on the building, so we can offer you an even better deal.

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Business Name

Dowling McCarthy Tyres

About Dowling McCarthy Tyres

Dowling McCarthy Tyres is back in Hobart and Brighton. It’s the family name, and we should never have changed it.

We’ve been selling tyres under a national brand - we can't mention the name - for a few years now, but we’re changing the name and we're taking back control of how we speak to our customers and what we can offer them.

We have a reputation that took more than 45 years to build, and we’ll be working our backsides off to make sure you think of Dowling McCarthy first, whenever you need tyres… because you know you can rely on us.

We’re Dowling McCarthy Tyres… and we’ve cut out the middle man to give you a better deal every time you buy tyres from us, whether it’s one or two or four or five… or eleven.

It just makes sense to us. It costs us a bit of time and effort on our end, but we think it’s worth it.

Get a fairer deal… from a Tasmanian tyre family you can trust.

Contact Dowling McCarthy Tyres

Phone: 03 6234 4433

Email: todd@dmctyres.com.au

Store Locations

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Hobart Dowling McCarthy Tyres

Phone: 03 6234 4433

Email: todd@dmctyres.com.au

Address: 17 Patrick St, Hobart, TAS 7000

Brighton Dowling McCarthy Tyres

Phone: 03 6263 6444

Email: craig@dmctyres.com.au

Address: 1 Strong St, Bridgewater, TAS 7030

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