Tasmanian Native Timber Gifts and Souvenirs:

All West Tamar Woodcrafts' products are handmade by Chris and Judy Hall at their home in Loira, Tasmania from lovely Tasmanian Native Timbers. These products vary in size, shape and weight due to the different timbers used and therefore all sizes and weights are approximate. Laminated products are a combination of four or five different Tasmanian Native Timbers. They predominantly use Blackwood, Huon Pine, Myrtle, Celery Top Pine, and occasionally Leatherwood and King William Pine in Coasters and Coaster Racks. However, their stocks of Sassafras are very low and Huon Pine and Myrtle are much depleted.

Almost all products made by West Tamar Woodcrafts have WTW (for West Tamar Woodcrafts) written on the back and the name of the person who turned the product.

They currently have a good quantity of most products, however if they run short there may be a two week delay in sending these items.

Background History of West Tamar Woodcrafts:

West Tamar Woodcrafts was established in 1975 by Mauri Hjort and his wife Shirley, parents of Judy Hall and Judy set up the books, distribution and invoicing in 1975 and is still doing the same after 45 years.

Mauri and Shirley registered the business name West Tamar Woodcrafts in 1976 and ran it as a Hobby until Mauri was paid out by the DMR for an injury to his back in 1984 when it became a full time business. They supplied many local Tasmanian shops for twenty years and did up to 23 exhibitions a year during the late 1980s and all through the nineties. When Mauri died in 1996 daughter Judy and her husband Chris Hall, who had been involved in the business since it started, took over and produced all of Mauri’s lines as well as their own while Chris was still working full time and they were raising three children. Chris finally retired on May of 2019. West Tamar Woodcrafts was supplying 23 shops in Tasmania and exhibiting at the Tasmanian Craft Fair since its inception in 1981. From 2010 with the GFC, they lost many of their shops and all of their suppliers of timber, and now supply five shops in Tasmania and another in Queensland with occasional orders. Their largest client has closed her shop due to the closure of borders and will not be placing her usual very large orders in August for delivery in October, December, January, February and March.

From the start of this business, West Tamar Woodcrafts have never advertised in the media nor in the phone directory. Their business was purely word of mouth and they were too busy to advertise. At this time they have no presence online, except that of Shop Tasmania.

Care and Maintenance of West Tamar Woodcraft Products with Satin Hard Timber finish.

Almost all West Tamar Woodcrafts products are coated with a good quality satin hard timber finish that will last many years if treated with care.

Do not place woodwork in hot water, wipe with a warm cloth and buff to a shine when necessary. Do not leave product in direct sunlight.

The only exceptions to this finish are the Pat-A-Cheesecake, Spatulas and Creamers which are not coated. Chopping and Cheese Boards are coated in vegetable oil.

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