EZY-UPS Dressing Aid

The EZY-UPS Dressing Aid assists people with mobility issues to dress themselves independently. Just $39.90 each including shipping.
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One of the most frustrating problems you face after hip, back leg surgery and when getting older is the inability to be able to dress.

Another big problem is that this frustration is often kept a secret.

If you have an older mum or dad still living at home they're most likely struggling with this simple task, only they're never going to tell you because they feel a bit embarrassed about it.

With the EZY-UPS Dressing Aid your loved one will be able to easily dress and put on their underwear (Disposable & Standard), Skirts, Tracksuits, Trousers and Slacks WITHOUT having the embarrassment of asking someone for help.

The EZY-UPS Dressing Aid gives people back their dignity and independence, allowing life to be lived to the full while also giving you control back of an activity we all take for granted.

Although initially designed for the older generation, the EZY-UPS Dressing Aid is also ideal for people of all ages that are experiencing limited flexibility because of back and spinal injuries, joint replacements, sporting injuries and any other causes of limited flexibility.

The EZY-UPS Dressing Aid is easy to use with three steps:

  1. Sit on a comfortable chair with a flat surface beside you and place pants facing upwards. Fit the EZY-UPS heads inside the waistband of the pants, noting that the correct angle can be achieved by placing your thumbs on the two indicator buttons below each handle.
  2. Now you can place the pants in front of your feet by holding the EZY-UPS handles. You’ll find it easy to slip your feet, one at a time through the pants.
  3. Slide the pants up your legs until you can reach the pants and then remove the EZY-UPS Dressing Stick.

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Since the first prototype of EZY-UPS was created I’ve met with hundreds of people, Doctors, Pharmacists, Aged Carers, Occupational Therapists and regular people, who are struggling with mobility issues.

Because of my determination to help my own mum, people in our older generation who struggle each morning to dress were the first people I had in mind for the EZY-UPS dressing aid but I soon learnt that there were so many more people that really wanted this solution.

People recovering from hip & knee surgery, women in late stage pregnancy, people with back injuries. Everyone that’s used EZY-UPS makes the same comment, it’s helped them with their problem of dressing when they’ve been faced with limited mobility.

The EZY-UPS dressing aid is my legacy to the world, the solution to a problem that needed to be solved, a problem that’s normally is kept in the dark, a problem that causes people to live with the pressure, stress and embarrassment of dressing themselves.

The EZY-UPS dressing aid will help you too, whether its for yourself or for a loved one.

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