Rick Allen Lives in Woodsdale Tasmania with his wife Lesley, a "born and bred" Tasmanian, (1956) with a keen interest in Naval History, Military Horses and Saddlery, Long Equestrian Journeys, and the history of his profession; that of Saddler.

He started his Education at Cosgrove High School; with his father a Merchant Seaman and Professional Fisherman, Grand Father a Master Mariner Tug Skipper in London, his Great Grand Father a Master Mariner Thames Barge Sailing Captain, it was pretty obvious when he joined the Navy at the age of 15 and completed his education at HMAS Leeuwin.

Rick then went on to join the Electronic Technical Weapons Branch of the Navy and served on many ships and support depots. Upon Discharge from the permanent Navy, Rick served another 8 years in the Reserves on a Patrol Boat. Some of the Hats that Rick has worn since those Navy days include: Qualified Electrical Fitter, Workplace Trainer and Assessor, Ships Master, Marine Engine Driver, Saddler, Horseback Tour Guide, Certificate IV in Business just to mention a few.

Ricks passion to write comes from a desire to pass knowledge and stories on to others.

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Rick Allen. Author

Rick Allen. Author