Kilburn Ink is based in Northern Tasmania and is a home-based hobby business specialising in lathe-turned Tasmanian timber pens.

Their pens are individually made from timber blanks and machined down by hand to create unique and beautiful timber pens. Tasmanian timber is world-renowned, and these pens are a popular gift for locals and tourists alike.

Previously available at Birchalls Launceston, Kilburn Ink also supplies their pens to wedding celebrants, showcases at timber craft exhibitions, and has been selling their pens to the general public for over a decade.

Although pens are the main product produced by Kilburn Ink, there is a selection of other ‘lathe turned’ items they make and supply, including keyrings, magnifying glasses, letter openers, and toothpick holders.

While handmade pen turning is a dying skill – usually reserved for the older craftsman - Kilburn Ink seeks to teach the younger generation this traditional wood-turning skill.

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Kilburn Ink

Kilburn Ink
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