Tasman UGG Princess Slipper Unisex

100% Sheepskin. strong, duable and flexable rubber sole provides so much support to your foot, size from 5 to 13
Tasman UGG Princess Slipper Unisex
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All Seasons Boot

The UGG sheep skin boot is very practical and it can be worn in the
winter but also all year round. Made from real sheepskin, UGG boots are
designed to last a long time. They work well in the winter but can also be
worn in the fall and even cool spring and summer nights. Designed to keep
your foot warm in temperatures as low as -30 degrees F, the natural wool on
the inside will also wick away any moisture it comes into contact with.


UGG boots are an investment because of their price but they are designed
to last for many years. UGGs are made with high quality materials and are
designed to withstand the test of time. There are other products you can use
to protect the leather outside of your boots from water and harsh weather.
Cleaning products can help the exterior look its best.


UGG boots are meant to fit very snug. UGGs are supposed to be
your second skin and this is how the boot is designed to keep you warm.
Air circulates within the wool on the inside of the boot and the foot
can breathe properly as long as you pick your proper shoe size.

Welcome to Sheepskin & Opal World (92 Elizabeth St, Hobart) and look at all
the UGG boots when thinking about making a purchase. There are many
different styles to consider and sometimes we will have clearance stock big
sales. If you properly treat them and take care of them, your UGG boots will
serve their purpose for many years to come before you have to consider a
new pair.

Terms and conditions apply. See in store for full details.

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Sheepskin & Opal World Tasmania

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Sheepskin & Opal World stocks Tasmania's largest selection of ugg boots, with many different styles and a wide range of colours available. We also stock opals, sheepskins and souvenirs.

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Address: 92 Elizabeth St, Hobart, TAS 7000

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