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Ensure that your systems are running efficiently with this offer! Get $25 off or a 10% discount when you book multiple services from HEG!*
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Ensure that your systems are running as efficiently as possible with this offer! Get $25 off or a 10% discount when you book multiple services from HEG!*

Heat Pump (SOS) Service (every 12 months): $165

Air Circulation (SOS) Service (every 24 months): $220

Solar System (SOS) Service (every 18 months, 15 panels): $165

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Ensure that your systems are running as efficiently as possible. This will let you save money on heater costs, increase the lifespan of the systems, improve comfort levels and lessen noise levels.

Heat Pump Service

A Heat Pump SOS brings the heat pump back to near-new efficiency, often saving $10 to $15 in weekly running costs.

  • Maintenance Timing - Every 12 months.
  • Service Overview - Inside and external units serviced; fins, filters, coils and drainage pans cleaned and checked; performance check; disinfected.
  • Why? - Mold and smaller dust particles build up on the outside and inside unit elements, degrading the ability to absorb or release warm or cool air.
  • Typical Outcomes - Up to $10 to $15 per week savings on running costs, and 5% to 35% improvement in efficiency.
  • Pricing - $165 for a split system wall-mounted heat pump, where the external unit is accessible from ground level. Additional units at the same dwelling are $125 each.

Air Circulation Service

  • Maintenance Timing - Every 2 years.
  • Service Overview - Fan, inlet and outlets cleaned, Roof heat recovery filter sock changed, Ventilation intake inspected & cleaned, system optimised.
  • Why? - Dust can build up in the ducting and fan, which can shorten the lifespan of the fan. Also, the ducting can be accidentally moved over time, which can lead to sub-optimal operation.
  • Typical Outcomes - Lower noise levels. Optimised air flow rates. More efficient operation. Better fan operation, and more effective system operation.
  • Pricing - $220* for the base service, and a further $75 if the filter sock requires changing.

Solar Panel Service

  • Maintenance Timing - Every 2 years
  • Service Overview - Check connections, check inverter, remove build up of residue from all panels
  • Why? - Dust, mold and residues can build up in on the panels which can reduce the energy generating capacity of the solar system.
  • Typical Outcomes - Optimised energy generation. More efficient operation.
  • Pricing - $150* for the base service of 15 panels, and a further $8.50 per additional panel.

Terms and conditions apply. *To claim discount you must purchase multiple services from HEG (minimum of 2 different services). Contact HEG for full details.

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HEG™ (Home Efficiency Group)

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At HEG™, we have developed a tried and tested “journey” or pathway for thermal efficiency. We assist you to prioritise the most cost-effective thermal efficiency investments that also have the greatest impact on comfort levels and health. All too often we see people investing in double glazing, solar power and home batteries first, whilst at the same time having a poorly-insulated home, unserviced air conditioners and no air circulation system.

The HEG™ Thermal Efficiency Investment Guide provides you with recommendations no matter where you are on your thermal efficiency journey.

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