Healthy Treasures From Land & Sea

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Premium Australian grown Japanese style sencha green tea blended with Tasmanian kelp and/or Tasmanian Organic Mint. Order yours online now!
Healthy Treasures From Land & Sea

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The Kool Company came up with the idea of using the benefits of kelp in a tea by blending it with Australian grown green tea to create a light refreshing beverage for people to gain the health benefits both kelp and green tea have to offer.

The Kool Company selected an Australian grown premium green tea and kelp from the pristine waters of Tasmania to create T from the C.

Another variety was created to add organic Tasmanian grown mint, T from the C+MINT. Green tea is considered to be one of the highest sources of antioxidants and combined with kelp’s nutrients from the sea, makes a light, well balanced and refreshing healthy beverage.

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