Cocoon Infrared Sauna Therapy

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Limited time offer! Pay just $1 a minute (plus $5 towel hire, for a 30 minute minimum session) in our Cocoon Infrared Sauna at Acqua Health.
Cocoon Infrared Sauna Therapy
$1/min Session*

Don’t miss this limited time offer! Pay just $1 a minute (plus $5 towel hire, for a 30 minute minimum session) in our Cocoon Infrared Sauna at Acqua Health.

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Relax and improve your health with our Cocoon Infrared Sauna Therapy. Right now, we have an exclusive Shop Tasmania offer. Pay just $1 a minute (plus $5 towel hire, for a 30 minute minimum session) in our Cocoon Infrared Sauna. Make sure you don’t miss this limited time offer!

Acqua Health is proud to offer our wellness clients the latest in thermal technology with the Cocoon Wellness Pro Infrared Sauna Pod. Our passion for helping people has led us to become the 1st location in Tasmania and the 2nd in Australia to bring you the amazing Cocoon Wellness Pro.

The Cocoon Wellness Pro has a dynamic dual-heat system which lets you precisely choose your ideal body temperature for maximum comfort and results. The cushioned, full-body, dual-wave massage system is ergonomically situated within an enclosed pod of thermal active energy; created in part by the heating of the Tourmaline, Jade and Germanium stones that line the pod’s inner walls. When energised, the stones emit radiant wavelengths which contribute to the e­ffectiveness of the dry, sauna-like atmosphere within the pod. During the session you can adjust the unit’s internal temperature, which ranges from room temperature up to 90 degrees celsius. Your head and face remain cool and comfortable outside the Cocoon heat chamber as you breathe cool refreshing air infused with Himalayan Crystal Salt and Aromatherapy Oils. Infrared heat is completely healthy and safe. In fact, it is so safe it is used in hospitals to warm newborn babies. All you need to do is lay back, close your eyes and enjoy a relaxing, full-body massage in a soothing warm environment.


  • Muscle rejuvenation / accelerates post workout recovery time
  • Pain management / relieves and soothes muscles
  • Improved cardiovascular health and circulation
  • Relaxation, stress and tension management
  • Revitalise mental focus and enhance clarity
  • Weight loss / deep heat sweat stimulates the metabolism, burning calories
  • Increased white blood cell production, aiding in strengthening the immune system
  • Power naps and better sleep

*Terms and conditions apply. Limited time offer. Price is $1 a minute (plus $5 towel hire, for a 30 minute minimum session). Contact Acqua Health for full details.

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At Acqua Health we believe that health starts from within and that every one of us has the power to influence our own wellbeing through a healthy diet, exercise, a positive lifestyle, and the aid of complementary therapies. Essentially, we believe that when you feel good you look good and when you look good you feel good.

No one on this planet is free from toxins. Our bodies have become dumping grounds for toxic compounds that invade our air, water and soil. Even if you try and do all the right things; exercising routinely, eating organic, drinking plenty of water, getting quality sleep; keeping our bodies clean is a struggle.

The two complementary therapies are offered at Acqua Health - Colon Hydrotherapy and Cocoon Infrared Sauna Therapy.

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