For dogs with serious edge!

Who we are

As a dedicated dog mum, I understand the importance of having a quality product that will stand the test of time whilst also being the edgiest fashion accessory known to man....and his dog!

Our products are made from hand selected leather, a choice of solid brass, stainless steel or our designer matte black buckles and hardware.

What We Use

Whilst premium leather is our passion, from time to time we will mix it up with some vegan leather options if we find something too amazing to pass up!

You can happily pimp your pooch knowing that each of our product designs have been tried and tested by Jess the Labrador for strength, comfort, durability and of course, appearance.

And of course our newest baby Poppy the whippet loves to play 'dress ups' in our latest designs 🐾

So come on over and join the ‘Wolf Pack’ yourself.

Customised Dog Collars & Accessories

We know the importance of having unique accessories - and we love working with you to make it happen! To order your own custom made Wolf and Quade piece, contact us!

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Wolf & Quade

Wolf & Quade