When you walk into the gallery and workshop at Wilderness Woodworks, you will be greeted by the distinctive smell of Huon Pine and the aromatic oil finishes that are used on the timber work.

Then you will begin to look closer at the displays of beautiful woodwork, admiring the many pieces created from Tasmania’s rainforest timbers.

As your eye wanders further, you may see some of the in-house craftsmen at work or talking, laughing, creating, dreaming or imagining. There is always something happening and the boys have more ideas for pieces than they have time to create them! Not all ideas become reality, but they have fun designing and dreaming. One day turned Christmas trees were only an idea – the next there’s a proto-type underway.

The majority of work on display at Wilderness Woodworks is created by the boys in the workshop and they are very proud of this! You can often see them at a lathe, working on a specialised Crush Grind, Myrtle Spurtle, or featured Huon Pine bowl only to see it the next day proudly displayed on the shelves – if it hasn’t already been bought by an admiring customer.

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Wilderness Woodworks Strahan

Wilderness Woodworks Strahan