Considering Solar Energy? It is a big decision to make and that is without even factoring in the upfront investment cost, and it's easy to get misled by smooth salespeople who promise the world.

Well, that's where The Solar Sleuth puts them to the test.

With years of experience, integrity and no agenda (aside from brokering you the best deal), you can trust The Solar Sleuth to find you the most suitable Solar Energy System for your particular needs.

The Solar Sleuth will:

- Broker the best exclusive deal’s in the Tasmanian Market

- Provide you with an independent Solar Report (Free of charge)

- Visit your home or business to detail install specifics and to ensure no hidden costs

- Provide you with 3 obligation free quotes for your home or business

- Give you The Right Advice on which energy generation set-up is right for you, and analyse your bills. (it may be Solar is not right for you)

- Ensure your supplier can deliver within set time frames

- Review any used sub contractors to ensure accountability and warranty guidelines are adhered to

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