The first statement, along with a funny snicker is, so you like riding naked hey? This is where I laugh and discreetly roll my eyes. As the title says, THE Naked Bike - meaning, a bike that's striped back, bare of fairing, all the unnecessary pieces are gone - it's naked. Why naked? Beauty in motorcycles is in the eye of the beholder, simple, sleek, and cafe is what honks my horn. So now that's clear, I'll move on.

The Naked Bike has had some twists and turns, just like the best winding road, now settling into creating designs for clothing and stickers. When your desk overlooks three acres in the pristine Huon Valley of Tasmania, the atmosphere is set for a perfect day of creating.

The creation doesn't stop at my laptop. Most designs are cut, and meticulously hand-weeded (the vinyl variety, not in the garden) before a super hot press melds the creation to the t-shirt. This method gives an amazing colour vibrance not achievable by most printing methods, adding a special layer of care to your garment before it's packed and shipped.

The designs are not limited to the two-wheel riders. Inspiration comes from a childhood encompassing fast cars and a love of local motor racing, animals, and a few other topics that are fun to create like witches, camping, music, television, strong women (had to add that one in) and more. They are prints to suit guys and gals who like to be themselves, however unique that may be.

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The Naked Bike

The Naked Bike
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