Helping coaches, consultants & entrepreneurs set up and manage their online events and workshops

Rose Davidson provides optimal online business support to speakers, coaches, consultants, and small business owners who are ready to outsource and successfully transition their offline events into an online format without needing complicated tech set-ups, expensive equipment or worrying about unpredictable hiccups derailing their presentation on the day even if they’ve run an online event before!

Switching your workshops from offline to online doesn’t have to be as hard as you think.

Who is Rose Davidson?

A learner and a leader, Rose is an online course provider, and the Co-Founder and current President of Healing Through Love, an initiative raising awareness around domestic and family violence

With more than 35 years of experience in high-level admin roles; both in the public and private sector; her career portfolio spans federal government, sporting organisations and small business ownership.

Tiring of the corporate world in 2014, she started her business promoting the administration services that she could provide female entrepreneurs.

In 2020, Rose changed the focus of her business as her passion lies in being visually creative and she now offers services that fulfill this passion to speakers, trainers, and workshop facilitators.

Rose then started a vodcast (video/podcast) ‘Talking with the Experts’ in July 2020 about all things business by business owners for business owners.

Her guests have included people from all over the globe; former managers of Fortune 500 companies, authors, keynote speakers, and more.

In November 2020, Rose was invited to begin recording audio lessons for Listenable.io and has been recognised by one of the leading podcast hosting sites in the world.

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