Rhuby Delights is a rhubarb chocolatier in Latrobe, Tasmania.

The range of Rhuby Delights products are 100% Tasmanian handmade, with a rich crunchy fruit centre and coated in quality chocolate.

Our selection includes berries, rhubarb and coffee beans, all with our dark chocolate coating, delivering wow factor for any discerning chocoholic.

Please treat yourself and introduce your family and friends to the Rhuby Delights range, and become a part of something delightfully different.

Rhuby Delights, proudly based in Latrobe, Tasmania provides a range of quality treats for you and your family.

Malcolm Ryan, a fifth-generation Tasmanian, learned organic farming principles and an obsession with quality from his mom.

He also learned a lot about rhubarb, an underappreciated gem of a fruit. Others did not understand Malcolm’s passion for it. But he had two choices: give up and devote himself to something easy or take the harder, more Tasmanian route. He wouldn’t just make rhubarb acceptable. He would make it a delicacy.

Rhuby Delights was born.

There is something Malcolm does when he meets someone he does not know. He asks for their opinion of the vegetable, endures the answer, and then presents a plate of chocolates. Who doesn’t love chocolate? The person tastes it and they experience a pop of sweet, sour, and premium dark chocolate: among the finest tastes possible.

Today, his freeze-dried fruit en-robed in dark chocolate has expanded to include Tasmanian raspberries, blackberries, apricots, pepper berries and more.

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