Rhuby is based in Latrobe, in the North West of Tasmania, which is a proud agricultural area that has fast built an excellent reputation for award-winning food and wine. Whether it be cheese, wine, whisky or chocolate, Rhuby is proud to be based here in what is sometimes referred to as the food bowl of Australia.

Pioneering the Rhuby Delights range with rhubarb coated in dark chocolate, Rhuby has since grown from its original vision to now being able turn any fruit or vegetable into a range of freeze dried chocolate coated treats with Malcolm’s patented process. Add to this coffee beans, Tasmanian pepperberries and even coconut ice cream – yes that’s right coconut ice cream – are made into delicious Tasmanian made chocolate covered treats.

Rhuby Innovations Pty Ltd is the brainchild of fifth Generation Tasmanian, Malcolm Ryan, who now is better known as the eccentric chocolatier. In 2013 Malcolm had a light bulb moment – to take an extraordinary variety of rhubarb from his family farm and transform it into a delicious freeze dried treat coated in dark chocolate. In May 2015 Rhuby Delights was launched – pioneering freeze dried rhubarb coated in dark chocolate. The natural and intense colour and flavour provides a real tang on the palate with great appeal … it is truly amazing.

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