Bruny Island Parents and Friends Association

The P&F is a subgroup of the School Association and is the main fundraising body. The dedicated team of volunteers meet monthly to organise fundraising and social events. They run a biannual fair, create an annual calendar, coordinate discos for the students and are often seen at markets selling our school merchandise and products from our garden. The P&F also coordinate our wonderful weekly Hot Lunch where parents cook a lunch for the students often using produce from our garden and eggs from our chooks.

The money raised by the P&F has helped resource our library, funded numerous artists in residence and visiting authors, added to our playground, provided musical instruments and helped to redevelop our school oval.

Such volunteer work is integral to helping keep our school a great place for our students.

We celebrate our volunteers with an appreciation assembly near the end of the year.

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Bruny Island Parents and Friends Association

Bruny Island P&F Association
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