Our prime location is your springboard to the best of Hobart’s rich culture, history, world-famous cuisine and the natural beauty of real Tasmania.

Find yourself in the sensory experiences of a textured and vibrant contemporary arts scene. Indulge in unique gourmet adventures borne of pure air, rich soil and pristine water and then retreat to the comforts of our tailored rooms for pure escapism and respite. Explore untamed wilderness and earliest colonial settlements from our central base.

Designed with an incredible attention to detail, every element of your experience has been highly considered.

Thoughtful touches bring nature or our heritage into your space with native greenery or original timbers and stone work. Be immersed and connected with locally procured mini bars and handmade furniture, cushions and throws. Your sanctuary can be a complete hide-away tucked within 25 or with a sun-drenched balcony overlooking Salamanca Square at 39. Moss has been created within mid 1800’s warehouses originally meant for traders, stores and taverns, so each space is entirely unique.

Be immersed in it all.

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Moss Hotel

Moss Hotel
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