We are a group of young entrepreneur from Nepal, who are currently living in Tasmania, Australia. We want to add value to this multicultural community in Tasmania and share our culture and values, as well as our love and respect for this community through the fashion industry.

We believe fashion is not only about how you look but is the art of expressing your cultural values, trust and respect to others. For the first time, we are here to introduce brands from the country of Everest and no doubt, these brands can be your ultimate choice.

We will be working to ensure that our products meet your end-to-end fashion need. They can be for your outdoor needs, formal-casual, casual or for your active life. Some of our brands have been serving since the 90’s and they are tested and proven for their commitments. Our brands will ensure the quality is to your satisfaction, durability and yet also affordable.

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Gurkhas Footwear & Clothing Store

Gurkhas Footwear & Clothing Store
Clothing Fashion

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08:30 AM - 05:00 AM

Closed on public holidays