A quintessentially Tasmanian business, Ethicool Books creates sustainable and inspiring children's books about topics that matter.

The Ethicool team are passionate about Tasmania's beautiful wilderness and many of their books are dedicated to encouraging little ones to look after the planet. Their books feature many Tasmanian icons (from the Tasmanian tiger to the West Coast's Stairway to Heaven), and make the perfect feel-good yet educational gift for little ones everywhere.

A better world starts with better children’s books

We create remarkable children’s books about the world’s big issues, inspiring kids to create positive change.

Why the big issues? Well, because our little ones are ready. They get it. They’re perceptive, intelligent and capable; they’re ready to grow up and make the world a better place. They have the answers, the solutions, and the motivation to not only fulfill their own dreams, but to make our planet more equitable and sustainable.

Living our values: sustainable from start to finish

Creating books usually requires cutting down even more trees. But not ours! Ethicool’s books are printed using recycled or sustainably-sourced papers, as well as soy-based inks.

Our books have been extensively tested for durability by the most unforgiving testers (toddlers!), so you won't be looking to throw them away after a few weeks' reading.

We also ship our orders using recyclable or compostable packaging.

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Ethicool Books

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