Welcome to BOA Creations Tasmania, a small, family run business that specialises in the production of fine woodwork. Every product is made by Werner utilising sustainable, Australian native timbers, specialising in Tasmanian timber species.

BOA Creations started 19 years ago in Tasmania, then trading as ‘The Treasure Trove’, by Werner and Karen, with a stall at local Markets and exhibiting at the Tasmanian Deloraine Craft Fair for several years and sales to shops in Sydney and Hobart. We then had a layoff for 15 years due to other work commitments and moved to Queensland, which has allowed us the time to watch our 4 children grow into adults and enjoy other parts of Australia. 11 years ago, we moved back to the beautiful Tasmania to enjoy the lifestyle and family. 2 years ago we decided the time was appropriate to again commence producing products from Tasmanian timber, our beautiful grandchildren giving us the inspiration for our new business name - BOA Creations Tasmania, the initials of our 3 grandchildren. We now have the freedom to concentrate on our online shopping and are excited about displaying our unique products to a wider audience. Here, customers will find the same wide range of products made by Werner who takes great pleasure in every item created, and the joy it gives to others.

Our Product

Tasmania has some of the best timbers in the world, well known for their beauty and durability, encompassing a variety of timber species, ranging in colour, grain and hardness that make them suitable for many purposes. We have a broad range of products, from homewares to entertaining, kids toys , wooden jewellery and great gift ideas. In our choice of products, we strive to ensure their durability and longevity, guaranteeing they will be cherished and kept – and become well used items into the future.

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable

We make every effort to ensure that the timber used in our products are either salvaged or sourced from sustainable forestry practices. This basically means that where a tree is removed it is replaced by another which may be planted or naturally grown. Australia has one of the best forest management systems in the world with a great deal of collected data that allows the level of harvest to match the annual level of growth. Of course sustainability is not just about numbers of trees but also about ensuring there is no damage to biodiversity or to other species, plant and animal. The timber we work with is all sourced from reputable suppliers or salvaged for repurposing.

Tasmanian Made

We guarantee 100% that ALL our products are made in Wilmot, Tasmania, Australia from Australian timbers. Being able to buy something Australian made of good quality, workmanship and design is our customer focus. The only exception to this are the hardware components, where we strive to achieve a high quality component.

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Boa Creations Tasmania

Boa Creations Tasmania
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